btExtractOutlookDataFiles - EN

The btExtractOutlookDataFiles application extracts all e-mails, calendars, contacts, etc. from the MS Outlook application into a specified directory. The data extraction can be done either over all data objects or selectively.

In the 1st step you define the place where the data should be stored:

In the 2nd step you extract the previously selected data objects:

  • E-mails
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Journal
  • Notes
  • etc.

The following interface is exclusively used:

  • MAPI (simple MAPI; SMTP).

The used language is English.

Exceptions: no Documentation available. Not sent by post, just download availability

Shareware Limitations...

  • The list box is deleted in a new extraction.

  • Subdirectories are not considered

  • Folders can only be selected one after the other



Hardware Architecture



2x Logical Processors

Main memory [GB]


Disk space [MB]



Software Architecture


Operating System

Windows 7/8/10 (x86 & x64)


Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.6.1 Redistributable Package


Sample view

Intuitive extract manager take fast access to important functions.

Subject to changes!